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San Sebastian DKV Marathon



Fly Group 99 sl
Pol Akarregui parc 12 pab 5.
20120 - Hernani (Gipuzkoa/Guipúzcoa)
Tel.: 943474341

Date: 2011/11/27
Time: 09:00
Distance: 42km195
Starting location (town): Donostia-San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa/Guipúzcoa)
Finishing location: Donostia-San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa/Guipúzcoa)
Edition: 34
: Home: 2011/04/01 (16:00)
End: 2011/05/01 (23:59)
No. of past races you have participated in: 1
Registration: Home: 2011/05/02 (11:00)
End: 2011/11/23 (23:59)
Maximum number of participants in the race: 3000 participants
Chip required: Yes
Age limit: Yes (born between 1920/01/01 and 1993/11/27)
It needs team registration: No
Shower availability: Yes
Address for the showers: Velodromo Antonio Elorza ( Anoeta sports complex) Pº Anoeta. 20014 San Sebastián
Clothing collection service: Yes
Address for collecting clothes: Anoeta Stadium (GATE 0)

Types of registration

  • 64 €General Fee + Chip rental + 1€ donation to Etiopia Utopia
  • 63 €General Fee + Chip rental
  • 60 €General Free (with own Champion chip )
  • 61 €General Free ( with own Champion chip) + 1€ donation to Etiopia Utopia

Additional information


The bib the chip and the runner kit may be collected at gate 2  of Anoeta Stadium on the following days and times:

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 25: 18.00 -21.00
SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26 : 10.00 -14.00/16.00-20.00
SUNDAY NOVEMBER 27: 07.00-08.00
It will be compulsory to show identity proof to collect the bib and time tag

  PRIORITY Registrations will be open from 1 to 30 april for all those athletes who registered in the 2010 edition. During this period the registration fee is 40 euros for those who have their own chip and 43 euros for athletes who need to rent a chip

Registrations will be open to all athletes from 1 may until 20 November 2011.

Until November 13 2011 the registration fee is 42 euro for those who have their own chip and 45 euro for athletes who need to rent a chip. From November 14 2011 registration fee will be 60 euros for those who have their own chip and 63 euros for athletes who need to rent a chip

Athletes who have their own chip (it has to be a CHAMPION-CHIP) must indicate their chip number when completing their registration form

Payment can be done by credit or debit card at the same time when completing registration


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The race finished last 2011/11/27 . Consult ranking...


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