XII. Anboto Kilometro Bertikala

Anboto KB 2018
Asuntze Mendi Taldea
48291 - Atxondo
Tel.: 000000000
Information about the race
Date: 2019/10/05
Time: 14:00
Distance: 3.8 Km
Starting location (town): Atxondo (Bizkaia/Vizcaya)
Finishing location: Atxondo (Bizkaia/Vizcaya)
Edition: XII
Registration: Home: 2019/07/20 (00:00)
End: 2019/09/29 (23:00)
Maximum number of participants in the race: 300 participants
Chip required: Yes
Age limit: Yes (born between 1922/10/06 and 2003/10/06)
It needs team registration: No
Shower availability: Yes
Address for the showers: Plaza de Arrazola
Clothing collection service: Yes
Address for collecting clothes: Ludoteka de Arrazola
Types of registration
  • Register with a rented chip, FEDERADOS 15 €
  • Register with a rented chip, NO FEDERADOS 20 €
  • Register of peoble who own ther yellow chip, NO FEDERADOS 18 €
  • Register of people who own their yellow chip, FEDERADOS 15 €
Route map
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Images of the race
Asuntze Mendi Taldea Ibilbidea Anboto KB
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